Thursday, April 3, 2008

BenQ T60 makes an appearence

I'm not much of a fan for BenQ mobile phones, and I know there are many of people out there who feel the same as me. It's probably because of BenQ mobile phone design is not as appealing as other famous mobile vendors such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm, Apple, etc. plus all of their mobile phones line-up are thick. But things are about to change now, their newest thin handset model that comes with minimalist design called the T60; is looking really tasty for today gadget consumers. Here's the quick specifications:

  • 8.9mm slim body

  • GSM 900 / 1800 MHz network

  • 2.2" screen, 320x240 pixels, 262K color

  • 3.2M pixel camera

  • GPRS class 12

  • Bluetooth 1.1 with A2DP

  • USB 1.2

  • 24MB internal memory

  • microSD extended memory slot

  • 80gr weight

The T60 keypad layout design is a little bit different from what we usually find in normal mobile phones, where the "*", "0" & "#" are located at the right side instead of the bottom. It's a real pitty T60 doesn't play in 3G network yet, but with price tag only around at $200 will surely become one of its main attraction. Although I think BenQ will have more success in selling this T60 if just they gave a better name to it... BenQ plans to release T60 on April for mostly Asia countries first like Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh & Vietnam. Source from Crave

here, check out T60 at its official website here.
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