Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yahoo! oneSEARCH 2.0 for BlackBerry

Yahoo is definitely not stay still while being battered with Microsoft’s bid over them, over the CTIA 2008 event last Wednesday; Yahoo has announced the upgrade for their oneSEARCH (oS) service for mobile phone. With the help from Yahoo project for PC based search tools called “Search Monkey”, Yahoo now give a new breath of air to their oS 2.0 with voice activation technology. This voice activation technology came from Vlingo, where Yahoo acquired it after pouring $20 million investment to the company.

Adam Taggart the Yahoo’s director of mobile product marketing, explained that the whole idea behind voice activation technology is to lessen the hassle to type on what you wish to search; and simply say it on your mobile phone. Just keep on pressing that talk button on your mobile phone to add more search criteria, and speak out as you normally do when using your mobile phone. oS 2.0 has the capability to learn your accents and vocal patterns after few sessions of use, so that way you won’t feel frustrated if oS 2.0 didn’t recognize at first what are the words you’ve spoken. To deal with that kind of implications in voice recognition, oS 2.0 has drop down boxes to fill in the unclear terms. And over time, oS 2.0 will also learn the search patterns you usually do (watch out!).

Yahoo wanted to differentiate oS 2.0 from Windows Live Search with voice that was announced at CTIA November last year, where with GPS and cell tower triangulation help these can give out more precise search result based on your location. Looks like a very exciting product to try isn’t it? Alas, because for right now oS 2.0 is available for BlackBerry handsets only; where for you who have BlackBerry can visit this site with its web browser to get oS 2.0 immediately. But fear not, Yahoo has planned for the availability of oS 2.0 for other handsets in the next few months.

In another attempt to drop the jaw of the audience in his keynote speech, Marco Boerries, the company's executive vice president of "connected life"; revealed that in second quarter of 2008 the oS will get new update again called “idle screen search device”. It means (in simpler way) people can open up the mobile web and the search technology without opening their mobile phone’s web browser. Now I’d like to see how this can be done… Like what Boerries said with proud: "With Yahoo OneSearch 2.0, we are fundamentally changing the way consumers use the Internet on their mobile phones."

Sources are from Caroline McCarthy (NewsBlog) & Jessica Dolcourt (Crave).

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