Thursday, April 3, 2008

A new founding of facts about iPhone

A recent survey conducted on 460 random selected iPhone users in the USA by Rubicon Consulting, have discovered what are the impacts that iPhone has on its customers and other mobile companies as well. Here are the quick rundown of the survey results:

  • iPhone users are mostly young, half of the surveyed users are under age 30 & 15% are students. And all of them are tech savvy, where they’ve reported great satisfaction using iPhone plus they all are using its features extensively.

  • Reading emails is the most primary activity in using iPhone, but not writing email.

  • The top notch Safari experience in iPhone has lead more than 75% to do more mobile browsing, although 40% said it can’t open correctly the websites they wanted to visit.

  • A shocking 50% said they’ve replaced their conventional mobile phone with iPhone, which Motorola RAZR was the one that often replaced. But then about 40% have also replaced their Windows Mobile smartphone & RIM BlackBerry with iPhone.

  • An anecdotal report, as Rubicon called it, that iPhone users tend to carry second mobile phone for telephony and composing emails. (Isn’t this report contradicted with above point?)

  • Like what Sammy has done, 28% of surveyed users have strongly said they carry iPhone rather than their laptop.

  • Customers loyalty and the liking to Apple’s image/brand, not to mention Apple’s fine delivered products, are the reason why 75% of iPod & Mac computer owners choose iPhone.

  • iPhone users are seeing their monthly wireless bills have gone up averagely to $228 extra per year.

  • Above news will surely widen that happy smile in AT&T board members face, not only those bills report but also people are changing wireless carriers because they wish to own an iPhone. So by that Rubicon have predicted $2 million gross revenue that AT&T can gain only by iPhone sells. (what a scary numbers there!)

Read on Rubicon whole article here for deeper insight on mobile industries since the arrival of iPhone, or just download the PDF version of their survey report here. Thanks to Dan Farber (outside the lines blog) for the heads up on this one.
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