Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Turn your Gmail into a media browser

As Gmail has been so famous among the internet users all around the world, you can enhance your Gmail account with this new service from Xoopit. Right now Xoopit is in private beta, and to use it you must install a small plug-in software into the web browser and you needed to entrust it with your Gmail account's credential infos. Which I think could become a barrier for Xoopit growth, since there are growing numbers of people out there who won't handing over sensitive infos to a new company like this one. But as what Josh Lowensohn (WebWare) has tested out Xoopit service here, Xoopit will "crawl" over your Gmail and shows thumbnail pictures of your photos & videos available in a photo slide mode on the top of your Gmail. Best of all Xoopit enables you to share these media files with your existing social network services, plus you can view them off-line through Xoopit itself. Josh has put a very promising future comment for Xoopit: "It succeeds in two major areas: one in speed, ... and the other in ease of use. The user interface is incredibly intuitive and provides a far better media viewing experience than Gmail does on its own." But when I tried to access Xoopit, the web page said it's currently updating its private beta server and told me to play a classic Tetris game instead... Anyone who succeed installing Xoopit, please post a review; and as I would always say: spread the knowledge.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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