Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pinger: mobile messages that talk

A Californian based company called Pinger have offered a free service that lets you record your own audio and then send it to the subscribers' mobile phone numbers. It's like broadcasting your very own podcast, but only limited up to 5 minutes max of lenght. Where you can dial a Pinger number according to where your country reside, record the audio and Pinger will send out SMS to the subscribers. The way Pinger required you to subscribed first in order to use their service; remind us of Twitter, Seesmics & Tumblrs.
But Rafe Needleman (WebWare) was reporting that the reply by voice message in Pinger, doesn't have an easy set up as a back & forth audio chat. And Pinger is giving the subscribers' mobile phone numbers in the report to the publisher, although this will give a more thorough report on who is hearing what in Pinger. Read on his full review here. But if you still confuse and wish to make a straight jump to
Pinger website for an animated video on how Pinger works, don't miss the Pinger's Learn More web page where you could find hilarious reasons why you should use Pinger service; all are made by Pinger team.
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