Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Braille mobile phone

Not many people out there that would think about those who’re having physical disadvantage, and sometimes these unlucky people have to do things on their own to make everything work out for them. And this is what Sadao Hasegawa, a blind 73 year old Japanese of former teacher from the school for the blind, has working lately. With help from Nobuyuki Sasaki, a professor at Tsukuba University of Technology in Japan, (and help from other developers too) they’ve been making the first mobile phone for blind people. The whole idea is quite simple, as reported by Mainichi Daily News here: “When a caller pushes numbers on the keypad corresponding to Braille symbols, two terminals attached to the receiver's phone vibrate at a specific rate to create a message.”
There’s this funny soothing feeling crawled up and filled me up when I read the news, maybe it’s because there are some people even though there only small portions of them; who thought of bringing modern technologies for unfortunate people. I really hope they’ll make this Braille enabled mobile phone to be produced, and of course not in too much hefty price, for blind mobile users out there. Go Mr. Hasegawa & Sasaki, and God speed to you both! Sources are from Mainichi Daily News via Engadget Mobile
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