Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Apple’s App Store icon

Here’s a little more teaser for you who keep on marking that calendar of yours, waiting impatiently for the official iPhone firmware 2.0 update in June; and a little something to talk about again on our most favourite mobile phone: the iPhone. Recently Apple has trademarked their upcoming App Store icon, which is set to pop-up in that firmware update. As for you who haven’t following iPhone news since its announcement at MacWorld 2008 last February, this App Store is meant as application in your iPhone to take you into Apple’s on-line store of iPhone & iPod Touch applications.

Let’s talk about this App Store icon that you will see (and use) very often in the future, the icon’s symbol basically is a letter “A” constructed from these items: a pencil, a paintbrush & a ruler. With light blue background color and some kind of emitting light comes from behind it.

For iPhone owners, you’ll get this App Store icon for free along with the firmware 2.0 update. But alas for you iPod Touch owners, since you’ll have to pay an upgrade fee to enjoy the luxury. Read on Tom’s Hardware complete article here for more in-depth story of iPhone euphoria, and the App Store itself.

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