Thursday, April 10, 2008

iPhone gets contact search feature

Do you think you can have a calm week without any more iPhone news? I don’t think so. This one isn’t exactly new news, but I guess worth mentioning since it’s a sure bet. Apple has included a contact search feature in the iPhone firmware 2.0 update, build 5A240d. According to iPhone Atlas here, this search feature is included in the revised iPhone Simulator that comes with the iPhone SDK build 9M2158a Beta 3.

When this glass-magnifying icon is in your iPhone at last (after you get the firmware upgrade in June, of course), you won’t have another excuse to your girlfriends/boyfriends such as “Oh, I couldn’t find your name among the 100-200 name in my contact list. So sorry I didn’t call you.” Uh huh, you animal you.

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