Thursday, April 10, 2008

Phone-Crazed celebrity pictures

Do you ever wondering what are those famous celebrities holding in their hands, when they make calls or text messaging their publicist to talk about the new handbag they saw at Hermes store, or that wild Playboy party they just attended at Hughes’ mansion? *cough* Well, maybe that last one is a bit too much. But hey, perhaps you’re interested in what is that phone Paula Abdul –one of the famous American Idols jury- use to call Simon for a date (just kidding Paula)? It’s a Treo! Glad to know that Palm’s Treo is still making celebrity appearance these days; hopefully Centro will follow as well.

Check out what other celebrities are using at Switched here, for your information; Switched is a new weblog from Engadget who have just redesign their weblog too (as what Sammy has posted before here). It’s a new additional breeze of wind in our little life of digital addiction… Welcome guys, & good luck!

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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