Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun with Easy Tiles mobile phone

Now, these days I usually have avoided reading news about concepts that most probably will never see the day-light. But Mike Yamamoto (Crave) here has posted a very interesting mobile phone concept he just found, it’s made by Tzu-Fu Wang and called “Easy Tiles” phone. The idea is meant for the owner of this phone to customize the look just by changing the movable tiles around the phone, and the casing has to be made of a transparent frame. Not the cool kind of mobile phone that the jet-setters people will be looking for, but I’m pretty sure those toy manufacturers in China are interested to make this concept come true for children all around the world. The parents can also play with it if they ever get bored with their BlackBerries. ;-p
Jump in to the world of concepts in Yanko Design website
here to look for more pictures of this “Easy Tiles” phone, but I’ve got to warn you. As what my architecture teacher used to say: “Concept & design are a never ending search if you keep changing them…” You’ll have to embrace yourself when you visit the website, there are too many of good looking gadgets in there; but all of them are just concepts. You might get addicted to look at it from time to time like I did, thank goodness I found another replacement here at Palm Addict. ;-D
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