Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Juicy looking JuiceCaster

Oh no, not another social networking website or apps. That’s what I’ve said to myself when I read the review report from Jessica Dolcourt (CNet) here about the JuiceCaster. Although I just don’t get it, how much are there ‘self-centric’ juices that flow inside someone who has those entire social networking accounts available out there? Perhaps another one won’t hurt you… ;-)
But I got to admitted it, that this one is actually looking quite interesting; especially for you social networking addicts. JuiceCaster is a “social broadcasting”, as what they called themselves at the FAQ
page. You will mostly be uploading pictures and videos with it, and watch what others have. But the unique thing about JuiceCaster is that all of those activities are done with your mobile phone, not with desktop or laptop web browser. On most mobile phone, all you’ve got to do is pin-point the phone’s web browser to this WAP site in order for you to access your JuiceCaster account. But JuiceCaster have released an application to do things you can do with its services right from your mobile phone, you’ll get it after you’ve signed up for an account. Just like other similar services out there, JuiceCaster enables you to post instantly to other social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster & Blogger.
As always Jessica Dolcourt (CNet) has provided us with her in-depth coverage of this one, read on her blog
here for more details.
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