Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Epoq's powerful WinMob wrist watch

We all know that modern mobile phones are getting smaller and thinner every day now, from that brick sized phone to the slim & thin iPhone. But Epoq has made quite an effort to put an actual functional phone into wrist-watch sized one, they've introduced EGP-WP98B. It's not only the size that amazed us, but take a look of what Epoq has put inside:

  • Windows CE 5.0 or as known as Windows Mobile 5

  • 1.45 inch OLED display with handwriting recognition

  • 266MHz processor

  • 1.28GB memory

  • 1.3M-pixels camera

  • WiFi

  • Bluetooth

  • VoIP

  • T-Flash expansion slot

  • water resistance

I'm amazed enough to think how can the Quad GSM band SIM card manage to fit inside it with all of those specs above? If you're willing to fork around $629.95 for this EFP-WP98B, then get ready to order it at April 25th. Sources are from

Crave & Engadget Mobile.
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