Friday, April 4, 2008

"Mexican" Blue Centro!

Yay, there's a new color for the 1 million sold handset (a.k.a. Centro) from Palm: BLUE! I really like the way Palm releases a new color every now and then, it's like adding a new excitement to Centro line-up. Although it's still the same Centro we know though... Unlike the previous white color with green buttons, which really awed us not because of its such a lovely or cool colors; but mostly because of its such unusual colors for mobile phone that we've ever seen before. Now Palm goes for the safe and chose for a more serious color (I think), blue & white.
As always PalmInfoCenter got the news of it first, read their story
here and you can also stare at the big blue Centro (they says it's full sized!!). But if that doesn't quenched your thirst for more blue, than jump to Palm Mexican page here. According to PalmInfoCenter, this blue Centro is only going to be available in Mexican for now through Movistar & Telcel carrier (darn, those lucky amigos).
I know right now some of you are holding that black Centro you've just purchased from AT&T store, looking at blue Centro, look back at your black one, look back again at the blue Centro... Perhaps Palm ought to add something for this one so there would be a more exotic feeling to it, maybe a "Mexican" Blue Centro will do?
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