Sunday, April 6, 2008

Control your mobile phone’s contents on the web with Dashwire

Dashwire is not a new web service, but the recent updates brought to it have made it more appealing to use now. First let’s talk about what exactly is this Dashwire service offer? After signing up an account at Dashwire website here, you must install an application to your mobile phone and then sync it through internet connection. These are what Dashwire will sync with your mobile phone:

  • Contacts

  • Text Messages (SMS)

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Call Logs

  • Voicemail

  • Phone settings such as Ringtones, Web Bookmarks, Speed Dials

Eventually you could choose what items to sync or not to Dashwire server, and the more contents you chose determine the sync time (especially the huge contents of photos & videos). Then you open up your Dashwire account on your desktop web browser, and there you have all it; all of your mobile phone contents mentioned above. What you done on the Dashwire, will be sync back instantly into your mobile phone as well. This would mean you’re managing the contents of your mobile phone through the web, and on a bigger screen.
With Dashwire you’re able to push photos to friend’s mobile phones, email addresses and to social network websites (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter & Bebo). If you’re changing your mobile phone, Dashwire now supports data transfer so you will not worry about missing important data while switching phones. And Dashwire automatically saves all of the synced contents, so this means you have an online backup service whenever you needed it. Dashwire has just integrate CallWave, which a service that transform voice mail into text; this way you can view voice mail messages on your Dashwire account. For text messages (SMS), you can view them threaded based on the contacts.
According to Jessica Dolcourt (

WebWare); in the near future Dashwire will release a new client application that has more sync options & dynamic features such as pulling in media in a new handset, push status updates for Facebook and Twitter, & pull in contents from web. Right now Dashwire only limited to Windows Mobile (5/6) devices, but Symbian 60 is the next supported platform in round August-September this year. If you have WinMob mobile phone, try Dashwire right here.
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