Monday, April 7, 2008

Qualcomm show off new Android

"Aaaarrgghhh...!!!", and that's what comes out of my mouth the first time I saw that Android handset picture on the left. I bet you did too, well, maybe you just dropped a jaw or something like that...
Anyway there's something missing from all of those new shiny mobile phones news coverage from the last CTIA 2008, it's the Google's Android. But thank goodness Sascha Segan from PC Mag got a hand on Qualcomm's prototype handset of Android's new build, although as you can see on the picture left; the prototype handset is very-very-very ugly! To me, it looks like that '80s mobile phone plus with unatractive choice of colors; and an antenna sticking out to stab your hip while you put it in your pocket. But inside those ugliness, there's a whooping 400+MHz chipset (MSM7201) processor inside it where it allows you to play Quake without any lag at all. Not only the Quake game's rendering is superb, the whole user interface looks sharp and brilliant; and seriously needs to be pimp-up from its simple look. It's a pity there's no mentioning about the handset's screen resolution to know the difference. Besides that, the prototype handset runs on AT&T's UMTS network and new customized menu icons. The web browser said to be improved significantly, and it ran Google Maps nicely. Watch all of the pictures slideshow here.
Another interesting news mentioned, was how AT&T's Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega convinced by undisclosed Google executive about the possibility to make a customized Android platform specially for AT&T handsets. Read the whole news here.
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