Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nowadays security concern (part. 1)

Web services have surely help us a lot to make contacts, or to do businesses; and maybe some other things too (like social networking, don't get too ahead of your mind there, you animal you ;-p). These web services I'm talking about are such as emails, online docs & spreadsheet, GTD list, online calendars, etc. Where most of them are requires you to use basic security measures like user name & password, to protect your accounts of course.

You probably have encountered yourself a situation where someone has taken over your email account, or any other web services accounts you subscribed to. I experienced it myself too, it shook me good where after then I make a habit to change my email accounts' password periodically. I couldn't imagine what those hackers have sent emails from my account to people in my contact list, hopefully they only spam and not some terrible words in email that discredited me to my friends & business colleagues.

But recent findings from a research firm called Infosecurity Europe, who have conducted a social engineering exercise to raise awareness about information security just outside Liverpool Street Station; revealed a quiet shocking truth. Women are more likely to give up their personal informations, including email passwords, just over a chocolate bar! The survey includes asking for around 576 workers' name & telephone numbers for a draw prize to go to Paris, there are 60% men and 62% women have gave up their contact informations.

Another research firm named Accenture, also has revealed a finding that 88% of people they surveyed are using same passwords for different web services they use or own. I think this is what we sometimes do, because I did that too before I had a Treo in my hand (thanks to Spb Wallet & eWallet). And I'm sure too our fellow Palm Addicts like ...., who have posted their blog here at PA; and all of you who have installed SplashID inside your Treo wouldn't have done such foolish acts. Read on Switched here & CNet News here for more details on the stories.

But all of those above news are not what concern me most, what really should worry us all is the fact that it's not hackers but it's ourselves who loses our own security informations. Either it's un-intentionally or by accident, perhaps I'll explain these more on the next blog.

To be continue to part. 2 ...

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