Sunday, April 20, 2008

Three useful mobile tools for business

If you’re an avid mobile users, who love taking your business on the go; or maybe simply because it’s your job to be on the field than behind that comfy desk in the office (sorry ;-p). But not all you enjoy the luxury of expensive smartphones, which the company provided you with. Then you’re definitely can use these three mobile tools, they work even with low-end smartphones:

WebEX PCNow, will help to retrieve those files you left behind (accidentally, I presume) at the office PC. With this app, you also can view Outlook calendar entries, contacts, email, Skype calls and view files in your computer. You may use this web service through any mobile web browser; iPhone & Mac have been added to the supported platforms. Try it for trial first, before you pay for monthly fee for around $10.35. And with WebEX is now a part of Cisco division, is another reassurance for you.

TeleFlip, automatically will forward every emails from your inbox into your mobile phone; but as text message (SMS) only. This mean you’ll get many multiple text messages due to 120 characters limit, so if your company is going to adopt this web service; you’ve got be prepare to tell all your business acquaintances to shorten their email to you. I think this could be a real lifesaver when you have to go to a very remote area, where there’s no data transfer available.

MyGads, will let you create web-based repository data through text messages (SMS). But you can also access MyGads with mobile web browser and a Jabber-compliant instant messaging client such as Google Talk. And the best of all is this web service still for free now. Check how it works at PC World article here.

Unfortunately I’m not going to discuss the other mobile tools like expenses tracker, WiFi finder/connector, etc. Because probably most of you have already those kind of apps inside your Palm devices, which usually mentioned a lot here at PA. Source is from PCW Business Center here.

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