Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Orange brings cinema to your TV, PC & mobile phone

For you who live in France, you're going to get a triple treatment from Orange mobile wireless carrier. Beatrice Mandine, Orange's director of press relations said on MIPTV 2008 in Cannes, that customers will be charged monthly fee to watch up to six channels from Orange in their TV, PC and mobile phone. The on-demand contents will include new films & series from Warner Bros, HBO and French film producers: Fidelite & Gaumont. One of the six channels will be offered in high definition of films and TV programs, yowza!
Mandine also stated that customers will need 3G enables mobile phone in order to enjoy this new service from Orange, and the bigger display is the better. Wow, talk about the mobile phone that is soon coming with 3G & has big display, yeah I'm talking bout the 3G iPhone. There's no holding back no more for Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) not to release 3G iPhone, since the European mobile market is such in high demand for it. Read on the complete news
here at PC World.
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