Tuesday, April 8, 2008

US Presidential's iPod scandal

Having too much affection for Apple's famous little music player is kinda okay nowadays, but showing it off too much to public while you're the president of USA; now that could become a new political scandal. It all started as those usual television interview shows, where President Bush talked with Fox New's reporter Brit Hume; and then at the end of the interview Hume asked Bush about that iPod he saw on the desk behind the President. The President then talked about how he like "the pretty-high stuff" (quoted), and beside the hard-drive iPod he also use the shuffle model with headphones to jog. He didn't stop there, instead the President showed and read out loud his playlist in the iPod; and here's where he mentioned the Beatles in that playlist.
It seems that the Beatles' albums & songs are not available yet in the iTunes or any other legal downloable web service, so the only way Mr. Bush has got the Beatles inside his iPod was ripping from CDs. And according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it is illegal to copy the CDs contents into your iPod. So by this way, it means the President Bush has broken the US law! Ouch, that should've teach every other political figures to be more careful to show off they're also gadget lover just like us. Read on the whole story on Tom's Hardware
here, and watch the television interview in YouTube here.
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