Thursday, April 17, 2008

Re-style your old-plain Gmail with Stylish

Have any of you, feel like you wish to take paint cans and spill them all over your white o’plain Gmail? There’s nothing wrong with the simplicity of Gmail’s user interface we love to use everyday, but a change after all these times might sounds good isn’t it? If you do feel like that, then you’re in for a nice treat; especially for you who use FireFox web browser.
There’s a new FireFox extension called
Stylish which enables you to change web sites appearance without the hassles, and with a Stylish plug-in called “Gmail Redesigned”; you could put more lively colors to your Gmail account. There will be gradient colors and plastic button-filled added to Gmail, and the best part is the improved color-coding of Google Talk conversations. If you want it, all you’ve got to do is install Stylish, restart the FireFox and then enable the downloaded Gmail Redesigned plug-in.
The cool color-enabled plug-in has its own bugs, Josh Lowensohn (WebWare) has found out that some Gmail add-ons are not displayed properly such as Xoopit. Read on his blog
here and see a cool looking screenshot of Gmail Redesigned.
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