Thursday, April 17, 2008

Recording habit is a common thing for Palm users

A new founding by S2 Intelligence, a research company in Australia, shows that there’s a new trend coming out from the falling costs of storage data devices (like hard drives, SSD, memory cards, etc.) nowadays. The trend is people will soon stop deleting their documents, videos, emails, musics, etc. from their storage data devices. Dr. Bruce McCabe, managing director of S2 Intelligence said: “Organizing and deleting files takes time, and well-paid workers already find it more attractive to just buy another hard drive when they run out of storage”.
Which I think is true, and he also predicted that by 2013 we’re going to be confronted with workers who wish to record the proceedings in all meetings they attend. And those workers will keep records of all their phone calls, without even asking for permission from you. Read on PCW Business Center article
here for deeper coverage on the story.
I don’t see this news will surprised you, my fellow Palm Addicts, because aren’t we all have been doing things like that ever since we’ve got our hands on Palm devices. So, what have you recorded this day into your Palm? ;-D
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