Thursday, April 17, 2008

Find your buddy with iPhone

Now, there's a cooler way to meet-up with your friends. Nope, not with text messaging. But yeah, you'll still going to use that iPhone of yours which you love showing it off to your friends (who don't have an iPhone yet). uLocate Communications has just released a software that uses GPS-enabled mobile phone feature to track down your friends whereabout, it's called "Buddy Beacon"; and iPhone is one fo the handsets it supported. When you turn on Buddy Beacon, it'll broadcast your & the others location that are in the Buddy List; up to 25 person can be added to the Buddy List.
Ok, maybe you're a paranoid person who doesn't like everyone knows where you're at. Or perhaps you affraid that one of your friends is a stalker, then you don't have to worry. Because according to uLocate, Buddy Beacon only gets updated when you set your location (pheew..).
Here's a short list of what you can do with Buddy Beacon:
Update your status and share your location
‘Nudge’ your buddies to get them to update their location and status
Grow your network and invite new buddies with Facebook
Show the locations of your buddies on a map
Yup, that's right. If Twitter is not enough to tell your friends at Facebook what're you doing every minutes, now you can add your location as well. To get Buddy Beacon, just point your Safari to this
link. Sources are from Apple, via MacWorld.

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