Friday, April 18, 2008

Palm Addict's popularity conundrum

Have you noticed lately that some YouTube videos you watched on-line get slown down, and you waited infront of your monitor for that little spinning timer to stop (it's getting addictive, just like when you're watching that washing machine goes around and round and round and ....) and play the video again?
And sometimes I get to curse a little bit because it stays still, usually the cursing is more likely goes to the internet connection. I'm using Telkomsel Flash 3G network service by the way, it's an Indonesian mobile wireless carrier, and in these few past months it has been a pain-staking to get a decent 3G data transfer. It's more like a GPRS connection than a 3G, to me.
But when I read one of my favorite blogger; Mr. John C. Dvorak's blog about the same issue of YouTube video he encountered, I realize that probably the 3G connection speed is not the real culprit. It could be because the site is currently in heavy demand, thus it can't deliver a decent streaming speed. Dvorak mentioned that this kinda situation often happens to a famous website such as YouTube, "So popularity is part of the problem. Things can get trendy so quickly that the upstream part of the equation is the unsolvable part".
If his words that I quote from his latest blog titled "The Bandwidth Conundrum" has caused a tiny spark to your curiousity, even the title is intriguing, then read more on
here. But don't be surprised by his usual quirky comments, that sometimes sounds too sarcastic even to toughest tech geeks.
Actually, I don't have to make too far away of an example. Our very own Palm Addict (PA) weblog have also been strucked with the popularity conundrum, I'm sure you're aware of this when yesterday weekend all of a sudden PA freezed and no updates either for the RSS feeds. I've got the reply from Colleen, TypePad Customer Support, about the problem. Let me quote directly from her respond email: "This is likely due to an issue we were seeing with blogs that had a high number of posts and/or comments. We're not seeing this as much but with very large blogs, you may see intermittent slowness while publishing posts."
So, way to go you guys (fellow Associate Writers); and Sammy of course. This is a solid proof that PA is in highly active condition, even TypePad's sophisticated system can't handle our lively blogs; they're all alive with emotions ;-D
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