Friday, April 18, 2008

To love or hate iPhone, that is the question...

We've been hearing thousands of times about how people love their iPhone, but what it is rare to hear is how people hate Apple's shiny mobile phone. And it would be more interesting to know what are behind the reasons, when you hear two people argue about them. This time it's not merely just some couple, instead they're Joel Santo Domingo (a PC Magazine senior editor) and Wendy Sheehan Donnel (an analyst from PC Mag's Consumer Electronic labs). They both give us another prespective look on what are the possibility factors exist on iPhone, that make us love or hate it at the same time? Here's my quick recap on their head-to-head argumentation about iPhone:
iPhone's phone quality, both in audio & reception are just fine; nothing special about them. Wendy hates iPhone because it's not a real phone she could use to make & receive calls. But Joel said he can live with its mediocre audio quality, because he uses a wired or bluetooth headphones; where he think the phone audio is very good to excellent.
But both have agreed on the wireless reception quality, it's very crappy especially when inside building interiors or in Amtrak/NJ Transit Hudson River train tunnel.
iPhone's speaker, it's bad & both knew it. Wendy dislike it and keep saying it's useless because it's so quiet, Joel agrees too but doesn't seem to be bothered by it because he hardly ever use the speaker.
iPhone's easy to recharge, because it uses an iPod charger or an USB charger. The best is, everybody have those chargers. So when your iPod is always charged, your iPhone gets charged too every day.
EDGE network, it's not 3G. Wendy believes that Apple should've embedded 3G chip into iPhone, so owners can get the maximum experience on browsing the Net. Joel believes the otherwise, because Mobile Safari on an iPhone is a real browsing experience even on "mobile optimized" sites. Rendering and viewing most Web pages on the slow, clunky browser of the LG Voyager or the AT&T Tilt negates any benefit you may get from 3G (well said Joel, very well said). So EDGE is enough for now, but no one will argues if iPhone gets upgraded into 3G network.
Exciting new iPhone after firmware 2.0 update is released. New potentials are can be expected from the most-buzzed iPhone new firmware update on June this year, besides apps will be abundant for iPhone, it'll also get many email supports from various famous email platforms.
How's the answer should be? Perhaps it's better if I let you answer it yourself, or perhaps you'll also choose to wait for another two months to decide? Read on PC Mag article
here about this debate, and for more in deepth stories of love and hate from the amazing duo; Wendy & Joel.
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