Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scary Google

There’s no doubt Google is a scary villain corporate for some small software developers, well in this case is for 37Signals. If you’re one of the lucky web crawlers, who got to taste of Google’s latest App Engine product called Huddle Chat, then you’ll perhaps see its resemblance with 37Signal’s Campfire.
Many who have seen & tried it themselves have said the similarity is strikingly very much alike, even on how Huddle Chat works are basically the same as how Campfire works. This kind of copy-cat act from Google App Engine Team has raised many reactions from bloggers, as what Jason Fried -37Signals founder- has said: “We just said a few words; the rest of the Web said a few thousand.”
These concern expressions from bloggers around the world have forced Google App Engine Team to shut down Huddle Chat on last Tuesday, just take a look at their brief explanation on Huddle Chat web page
here. But not all of those bloggers’ posts are pressing on Google, some of them take side to what Google is trying to achieve behind the release of that hosted web applications service.
Here’s another look at why I called Google can be seen as scary software corporate; the Huddle Chat web application service was built in the spare time by only some of the Google App Engine Team! Simply just few of the team members have made such thing, and even done it within their lunch & coffee break! Amazing!!
Sources are from PC World
article & All Things Digital blog.
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