Sunday, April 13, 2008

Watch out of what you hear in the Net

Here's one good subject blog posted by Tim Stevens at Switched here, where he mentioned on how much the growing number of religious podcast in the Net. Which he named this kind of religious podcast as "Godcast", to refer to its content that twirl around our world of faith. What really concerning is some of these Godcast are not all of them good and right, if we're not careful then we might be hearing mis-leading teachings instead of righteous knowledge we've known.
With only a cheap MP3 recorder at hand and a connected PC or laptop to the Net, everyone can broadcast their own version of Godcast to the world. On the other end, everyone with connected device to the Net can download those Godcast and play them whenever they wanted to. That's why I fear that on-line Godcast followers can be so much larger than we could imagine, I don't want to even think of what these mis-leaded followers capable of when they're mobilized to do wrong doing. The goverments, and I mean not only the USA goverment but also every countries' around the world, should establish a special agency that monitor and quickly take action on such dangerous Godcast.
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