Sunday, April 13, 2008

Windows is heading down (part. 2)

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How about for individual users then? Most of us are deeply affected with personal experience of interacting with our electronic devices, not only the touch & feels of the user interface; but also to the ease of use for daily dose of usage with those devices. MacDonald & Silver have bluntly said that iPhone's version of OS X is closer to the desktop version of the Mac OS than Windows Mobile is to Vista. This is true, with compatibility of applications on each OS platforms have become major issue on why we hate to use too many different OS together.

And with the much growing of web-based services offered in the internet, we can bring alternative software solutions into any OS platform we wish to choose. Where we won’t have to depend on one particular OS to run needed applications anymore, instead with web browser and internet connection; we can get our jobs done anywhere anytime.

That’s probably what Microsoft must think hard on what their next Windows should become, the complexity of Windows that runs on small form hardware could back fire to itself. Like Vista which needs high-end graphic in order to run it on full capacity, is in contrast to world’s demand for low-cost computers nowadays.

Personally I think this goes the same for mobile devices, where the size have shrunk but the features grow. Linux has become the favorite choice for smaller sized laptop with less power housed hardwares, Apple also has proved their Mac OS X that can be run on slimmest sized laptop; MacBook Air. While in mobile phone market, with the current Windows Mobile, mobile users will look to iPhone as their next alternative of choice especially when the most anticipated firmware 2.0 update release on June this year.

Source from PC World article & Switched blog.

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