Saturday, May 31, 2008

Palm apps are still wanted everywhere

I think it's about time we put behind the "Is the Palm OS dying?" subject for good, because even though we all have to admit that Palm OS is indeed old and never had a major updates; but all of those applications that are available for Palm OS is still being used (and liked) by many people everywhere around the globe.

PalmInfoCenter is reporting that back in February StyleTap has released a video demo of the StyleTap running Palm OS apps on a iPod Touch. Gregory Sokoloff, CEO of the company, said they have been overwhelmed by the level of interest and the video has been viewed over 800,000 times. So now the company has taken the plunge to bring a version of its StyleTap CrossPlatform environment to the iPhone and the iPod touch platform. The move will essentially bring thousands of Palm OS apps over to the new iPhone platform. Picture on the left is courtesy from Engadget Mobile.

Ouch, now you can have both of the best world: Palm vast apps availability and iPhone's superior user interface in your pocket. There will be no more obnoxious and ridiculous reasons anymore for you not to buy the shiny little device from Apple, that you've been drooling over ever since you saw it at local stores.

And if that's not enough to make us leave Palm handsets for other more appealing smartphones,
PalmInfoCenter also has reported that Access has released an update to its Palm OS Garnet VM for Nokia Internet Tablets. New features in the Garnet VM Beta 2 (v1.01b) include full screen support, three hot-swappable display modes (portrait full screen, portrait windowed and portrait landscape), improved performance and various compatibility and app specific updates. Notable new apps that are now listed as compatible include: Google Maps, Snappermail, Pocket Tunes, Kinoma Player 4 EX and CorePlayer.

Oh boy, when will all of these going to stop now? C'mon Palm, don't let them run you over like that and do something quick right now to fight back!

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Branedy said...

I find this humorous as I just bought a Palm T/X not because of the apps but because of the OS, which is more or less designed for mobile. But the iPod touch, which could be classed in the same price range as the T/X has no speaker, so no alarms, or sound, without headphones. Therefore Operating Palm apps on a 600$ iPhone makes no sense when a 300$ TX does it better. The Touch also has no Bluethooth, or IR. Mobile means doing more or less one thing at a time, well, as opposed to multi tasking, light power utilization on wireless, and efficient memory and storage requirements.

Andy J. S. said...


You've hit right on the spot there. ;-D
Apple should read what you've mentioned, and fix them in the next iPhone & iPod Touch 2.0