Monday, July 14, 2008

BlackBerry Thunder finally shows its face

No mobile manufaturers are willing to be left behind in the race against iPhone 3G, definetely not for RIM (Research In Motion). Because RIM has just gave a sneak peek photo shots of its BlackBerry Thunder, and this time it's CrackBerry (via Engadget Mobile) who got the first hands-on pictures.

Enough to make you drool a bucket, wanting a BlackBerry device with large screen like iPhone's? Here's a quick recap of the details on the Thunder's touchscreen display, courtesy of CrackBery:
  • Tactile Response - when you press on the Thunder's screen, it pushes in "just" a little bit (the whole screen is sort of like a big button) and you get immediate "real" feedback - you hear an audible clickety sound, and can feel a buzz in your finger where you actually pressed on the display.
  • Full QWERTY and SureType entry - hold the phone in landscape mode and you can take advantage of a full-qwerty keypad. Use the phone in portrait mode and you can enter data on a SureType keyboard. You will be able to choose/change your screen/keyboard orientation at anytime.
  • Screen is made of glass and will feature multi-touch - the Thunder is said to be utilizing WebKit for it's browser engine (same as the iPhone), so hopefully that means a solid web browsing experience for the Thunder.
  • Oh, boy... It's gonna be an interesting fight, when BB Thunder and iPhone 3G will finally face head-to-head. I wonder which one will be picked by business and corporate users?

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