Saturday, July 12, 2008

The first & the fastest Treo 800w hands-on!

Oh my goodness! It seems like just few days ago we're in the frenzy of Treo 800w rumors teased with many leaked photo shots. And now, there are actually people who have already received the most awaited device from Palm.

TreoCentral, like always, reported it first. So go there to see the first photo shots of Treo 800w in all of its galore.

But one comment from one of TreoCentral's reader named Gary, has caught my attention: "I just ordered mine (Thursday, July 10th, 7pm). Not only did I get the $249 price, but when I casually mentioned that I was considering getting the iPhone instead, they also threw in a $50 credit to my account to match the price of the iPhone and waived the $18 activation fee. So I just bought the new 800W for $181. Sweet indeed!"

So in order to get more price cut from the new Treo 800w order, all you've got to do is mention that you're considering to get an iPhone instead; and then wait for the telesales person on the end of the line to panic and give you all the available discounts, even if the discounts will be taken from his/her own paycheck. ~LOL~

I was worry about Treo 800w's blueish color, but TreoCentral gives a good comment about it: "I love the color! A warm slate blue. Mmmmmm. Nice. The 800w sure does look like the Centro, especially the Verizon Cobalt Blue Centro."

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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