Monday, July 21, 2008

GTD madness for iPhone 2

It's been a month since the last time I talked about GTD, and on that last post I covered two GTD apps for iPhone. Not all of the GTD apps out there are suitable for every one of us, because each apps try to seperate themselves from one another; their services also vary from the others.

So maybe it's time to try on another GTD app/services for your iPhone, either it's the first gen or the new 3G model. Although the app/services I'm about to mention here are not new, in fact they've been around for quite sometime, nevertheless not all of you have the spirit of adventure to wander around and try all of them one by one. If so, then perhaps these GTD apps for iPhone can be useful for you.

For the note, the title subject may have confused for some of you who expected to see GTD apps specially made for iPhone 2.0 platform. I'm really sorry if that's what happened. I did intend to put "part" before the "2", but I don't want to be called copying someone else's custom who love doing it. ~LOL~

I was informed by
Jeroen Sangers about the first two below, so thank you Jeroen. And unfortunately I don't own an iPhone, so I can't give a quick review about them. I hope you'll brave yourself, and try them on.


Nozbe is a free web-based service for managing your tasks and to-do lists, and because of that you can easily access the service through any web browser; and the good news is it's already optimized for iPhone. An interesting finding on the founder of Nozbe, Michael Sliwinski is that he's one of the contributors on David Allen's official blog GTD Times.

There's been an important updateon Nozbe's service and new important features for teams & businesses, who wish to take advantage of creating a single point of task management together. The first one is called "What's New"; which basically act like a blog board where everyone can post blogs and receive comments from teammates. The other two are recent activities from everyone who're assigned to a project, and the last one is branding the Nozbe account with your own company's logo; plus you'll get your own domain name.


OmniFocus is a task management that's really made for iPhone & iPod Touch, and it's now available at Apple's App Store for $19.99 a license. But in return, you'll get a powerful GTD app that has been receiving nice feedbacks according to reviewers. OmniFocus can be used as single one device operation, but you can make a wider group with it by using a sync app for your Mac. And the developer of OmniFocus has added the new MobileMe service support to it, Apple die-hard fans will really appreciate the whole Apple package experience. ;-p

But IMO, OmniFocus real strenght (aside the eye-candy UI) is its location aware feature. By using your current location, OmniFocus can create a custom list of actions to complete the tasks based on the neighborhood nearby you. Like for an instance if you've added a task to buy groceries, OmniFocus can show you the closest grocery store and create an instant shopping list. It's very neat for a fresh new idea, and it would even be better if the iPhone 3G's A-GPS feature is also can be used.

Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is another web-based service for making to-do list and managing daily tasks, but it's a paid web service for $25 a year license will get you a pro account. The most notable about Remember The Milk is its web UI, which is optimized for iPhone/iPod Touch and has received the Apple Design Award; for the winner of Best iPhone Web Application 2008.

Remember The Milk's UI is very much alike Apple's simplistic design, with blue crisp color is painted as the main color for the app. While the features have some praise worthy attention, it's the 'Locate your tasks' feature that attracts most of Remember The Milk users to keep on using it.

There you go, hopefully the GTD app & services up there can help you to fulfill your daily works and tasks easier. Have a great organized life then! ;-)

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