Monday, July 21, 2008

Hit the "stress" button today

It feels really amazing, just last weekend and this morning I had one hell of a week. Where the problems seemed endless, and the most stressful one is when I had to fix our office's main server yesterday.

But all of a sudden, I found myself relieved with all of the problems and works on this afternoon. Everything finally work themselves out in the end, and go on as usual again.

So I brewed a cup of coffee latte for myself, sat down and ate snacks that I've prepared with it. The sky is bright, the afternoon ray of light feels warm when it hits the pavement and the breeze of wind touches lightly on the skin.

While enjoying all that, there's no better way than fire-up the
Newsbreak to catch up on the latest RSS news. Jot down some brainstorming ideas for the blogs with Mobile Word, while playing the "Easy" song by Barenaked Ladies on the earphone with pTunes. It's funny how the song suits so well for my condition right now... ;-)

If just we have a stress button at ready when we needed a break, and cool off for awhile to rest; then it'll be great. Hope all you are having a good start of the weekend!

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