Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone 3G handled at AT&T's backroom

I just can't resist not to post this news, because as you can see the picture is exactly the same as the one in our Associate Writer Nick Gebhardt's post here at PalmAddict too. But apparently the pictures above in this post come from TiPB, and TiPB said this:

"Ah, to be an AT&T employee the day before the official iPhone 3G launch. To be in the backroom, taking a camphone video (naturally, not with an iPhone) of the device while the boss isn’t looking, to take photos (below) and then to send them along to TiPb’s tip line with the note that the 3G reception is superb and the GPS’ reception is too, picking up satellites even indoors. Would that we were all so lucky and so brave. Our hats off to you, anonymous tipster,..."

Could it be that our own Nick Gebhardt is the "anonymous tipster"? ;_) If so, then my hat is off to you too Nick. And let's enjoy more video clip below of the iPhone 3G hands-on at the AT&T's backroom.

* PS: anyone able to see the reflection face from the back of that shiny black-colored of iPhone 3G's back? If you can't, then click on the thumbnail picture to enlarge it or use Photoshop to see the reflection face clearer. Good luck. ;-p

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