Monday, July 21, 2008

Liitle things about Treo 800w that you (may) have missed

You can call me a freak, but I'm always into the little details on almost everything; especially the gadgets that I own. The looks (from every angles & sides), the colors, the feels, the scratches, etc.

But even sometimes I often miss the simplest things, maybe I'm too excited to see the whole pictures whenever I set my eyes on the shiny-new gizmos that's just out. And so that's why I'm going to mention few little things about Palm's latest handset: Treo 800w, that I'm sure all of you have know of and perhaps have read the reviews a dozen times on the net.

Nevertheless, you may have missed these little details since they're indeed trivial and some of the detailed pictures came late after the official launch:
  • Time, date & notification icons screen saver. It's a good thing Palm has pay attention on providing time, date of current day, and plus nofitication icon images (like incoming messages) when the screen is turned off; so this way we don't have to turn the screen on just to see them.
  • microSD memory. Palm is reverting all of its handsets into microSD now, and so my old miniSD memory card in Treo 750v will not be usable if I'm to buy Treo 800w. That's a bummer, really. Even though memory card price is cheaper now, it gives me a special satisfaction when I'm able to keep on using old accessories and save up just a handful of money.
  • Push WiFi button. Unlike the slide button to turn on/off the ringer, Palm embed a push button for the new WiFi feature. It'll take around two seconds to push and hold the button, in order to turn on/off the WiFi. There's a good side of this push button instead of the slider version; we can turn on/off the Wifi either from the push button or from the wireless settings menu.
  • Same battery as Centro's. Every Centro owners will love this, because they'll be able to keep using the same battery charger accessories for both device. And the best thing is you can switch the battery if one of it run out of juice; one for all and all for one. ~LOL~
  • Palm's Maps app. Dieter Bohn from TreoCentral calls this new app from Palm as the "a mystery app", which works like a stripped-down version of Google Maps. Dieter then concluded, that the other only thing Maps has going for it is that Today Screen Plug-in and a default assumption that you want to search based on your current GPS location. Palm should've come clean about this, and explain it officially...

There you have 'em all. And if you're interested to know more, you can head on to TreoCentral's Treo 800w Review Roundup page to get a complete coverage. The pictures are courtesy of TreoCentral & pocketnow.

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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