Monday, July 21, 2008

4 reasons why you shouldn't buy today Netbooks/UMPCs

With all of those new netbooks, UMPCs or whatever they're calling it these days; we're all have been drooling over by the price tags that are offered for such delicate gadgets.

But wait, don't spend yet all the money you've earned with all your sweat & blood on those small-sized notebooks. The price may be worth it, the specs may be adequate, and the size may be cute; but for now. Why? Here are four good reasons why you shouldn't:
  1. Intel's Centrino 2 has arrived. It's of course has better specs than its predecessor, and the most important thing for mobile users is that Centrino 2 platform promises to conserve power and extend battery life. There are two Intel's new technology that will do the job: Deep Power Down & Rapid Memory Power Management technologies. For more information, head on to Laptop Magazine review.
  2. Intel is shrinking Centrino 2 chips for thinner platform. Due in August, the Small Form Factor (SFF) version of Centrino 2 will take up less space than the version of Centrino 2 released this week. The SFF version will use the same chip-packaging technology Intel developed for the Core 2 Duo processor used in the MacBook Air, which shrinks the processor size significantly. "We will launch Small Form Factor [chips] ... in the third week of August," said Sujan Kamran, regional marketing manager of client platforms at Intel in Singapore.
  3. Intel to release its first quad-core mobile processors. You know it'll eventually come to this, when the desktop market has been flooded with quad-core chips, Intel is now turning to laptop to create a new market segment for high-end mobile machines. "We're bringing quad-core to mobile in August," said Sujan Kamran, regional marketing manager for client platforms at Intel in Singapore. An Australian PC maker; Pioneer Computers has already taking preorders for laptops based on an unreleased quad-core mobile chip, the 2.53GHz Core 2 Extreme QX9300.
  4. Lower price. When new technologies are introduced, the old ones are definetely will get price cut. And this mean; you can get the same netbooks/UMPCs you want now with lower price tag in just few weeks to come. Unless you can't wait that long... ;-p

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