Monday, July 21, 2008

New MacBooks on the horizon

What other surprises can we expect from Apple after the introduction and official launch of iPhone 3G? Well, of course it must be back to Apple's core sales point: MacBook.

Yes, this is still a rumor. But proofs have began to piling-up as days pass by, first is the rumor reported by
AppleInsider about next-gen MacBook Pro casing design revealed. And then there's an article came from Digitimes, which was originally a translation of a chinese article from The Commercial Times, it reported that Apple has increased its orders of printed-circuit boards for notebooks by 20 percent compared to last quarter.

Furthermore, Apple has been enjoying special treatment from Intel on new processors line-ups available before shipped to other competitors. Thus with the new Intel's
Centrino 2 platform has been launched last week, it's most probably that Apple will refresh its MacBooks with the newest platform & processors.

So my advice for you who are planning to buy a new laptop or MacBook, please hold your purse a little tighter before making any purchase. Cause even if you buy today most powerful MacBook, it'll become obselete when a newer one comes out just few weeks later... Now, we don't want that don't we? ;-)

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