Saturday, July 12, 2008

Microsoft's Arc Mouse

It is very-very rare to see a really cool product coming out from Microsoft, which usually its products are targeted to business users. But things are about to change, probably is caused by Microsoft's passion to overthrown Apple as the coolest computer manufacturer.

Caught the news at
Gizmodo, that MaximumPC received a festive press kit in the mail today from Microsoft with details of their impending peripheral releases for the 2008 Holiday season. And they also posted what looks like a comment from the press kit

"Featuring a revolutionary new design shaped like a crescent moon, Arc folds closed to reduce in size by almost half, giving consumers the comfort of a full-sized mouse with the portability of a notebook mouse. Arc is all about the fashion edge, with a stylish micro transceiver that you can leave right in your computer and it’s available in two colors – red or black. It’s the perfect gift for the trendsetter on the list. MSRP: $59.95"

Okay, nuff said. Where can I sign-up for pre-order one of this baby? ;-D --like always, click on the picture to view it larger--

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