Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jeremy Piven also broke the hands-free law

Well, well... It's true, celebrities love to do anything they like even if they have to break laws to do it. It's now Jeremy Piven, who broke the hands-free law when he use his BlackBerry handset while driving. But not just that, the eccentric star of "Smokin' Aces" (1997) also a multi-tasker.

The "Entourage" (now) star drops by the Sunset Blvd. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Thursday to get an afternoon pick me up. Upon spotting photographers, Piven offers a friendly smile (and makes some excited onlookers smile as well!). Like the agent he plays on his HBO show, Piven grabs at his keys, sips on his coffee and holds onto a Blackberry -- all while he's walking. Source is from Bauer Griffin.

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