Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poker play

It's getting dark, the clock is showing 5:07PM in the afternoon now... And I believe everyone are feeling edgy at their seats, either it's from the feeling of excitement or nervous because losing more money than planned. ;-p

What is it about poker that keeps related to boys instead of girls? I'm always hoping that someday, a friend or even myself will be able to bring a female into our little poker game play. But perhaps some prefer more to play it against male...

Hey, wait a sec. What is this story got to do in PalmAddict? Well, like always I had my trusty Treo in my pocket everywhere I go; so when I got fidgety and tried to loose myself, I used Treo to distract me. For instance, I kept looking at RSS news or did something like typing with Mobile Word, anything to hid the facial expression from my 'enemies'. You see, I'm quite expressive, they say. ~LOL~

Now, if I remember correctly, someone here at PalmAddict also brings his/her Treo to poker play. Who is it...? Nick maybe? ;-D

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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