Monday, July 14, 2008

More photo shots detailing Palm's Treo 800w

Everybody seem to managed to get their hands-on Palm's Treo 800w, like what you can see from Sammy's posts previously at PalmAddict. And this time around, Engadget Mobile has posted their own unboxing and hands-on Palm's latest & hottest handset right now.
Engadget Mobile's contents is practically only pictures of photo shots, and they haven't make a review out of it yet. But there's something that I like from their, two photo shots (pictured above, click to enlarge it) that show the details on Treo 800w's stylus-pen. Which I can't find anywhere else from hands-on posts, it's like almost everybody are not paying too much attention on this small detail. ;-p

You gotta love the details, that's what make this life worth it...

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