Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The one to blame

Got up this morning and surprised, the clock was showing 7:45AM already and I was still half asleep. Jumped out of bed, brushed teeth, took a quick shower, dressed up in a flash, and then ran to the office.

When I arrived at the office, I realized that most of the workloads have been done yesterday, and things are moving slower than the usual. Looks like this weekend is going to move along in a snail pace, so I took a short nap on the desk. ;-p

My Treo has proven to be invaluable since the sun greeted me in the morning, although I think I should buy an add-on speaker so its alarm can make louder sound to wake me up. But that should be me who is to blame, because last night I've over relaxed myself from the last weekend works burden, and watch several movies at once until pass midnight.

And during the day, my Treo also act more as a music player than a phone. I play several songs I've put inside pTunes last night, even as I write this blog with Mobile Word. And it's a shame that I can't listen to them with the earphone, while charging Treo on its docking stand.

So how's your day today? Hope you don't have anyone or anything to blame today. Just don't put on some crazy ideas, and we'll be fine for the rest of the day. ~LOL~

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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