Monday, July 21, 2008

Britney Spears dress-up her BlackBerry with white skin

O MY GOODNESS, is that Britney Spears?!? Is that the same blonde hottie I used to see whenever I turned on the MTV channel, and saw her everytime the "Gimme More" music video is played?
Without the make-ups and the glamorous clothes, celebrities are just the same like we are in everyday life. ;-D

Anyway, Britney has been through a rough & busy weekend. She has just gave the custody fight for her children to her ex-husband; Kevin Federline. Then there's a hot rumor saying that Britney to appear in Madonna's newest music video, along with Justin Timberlake. And Britney is also working on her new album, due to be released next year.

So Britney is obviously try to relax and enjoy all the good news, and what better way to do it for girls than to shop-till-you-drop? ~LOL~ She was spotted shopping in Calabasas with a couple of assistants on June 20th, making a stop into the M. Fredric boutique (the most right picture). And of course she always had her BlackBerry Curve in her hands, clothed in white skin.

I've been seeing pictures of Britney Spears with BB Curve in her hands since April (the two left ones), and she seems very fond to put on the white skin to it. It's quite rare to see a celebrity who's loyal to keep on using the same device and skin for such a long time (more than 4 months)... Hey, for celebrities who're known to change life partners & gadgets very often, it can be considered long enough. ;-p

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