Monday, July 21, 2008

Unlocked iPhone 3G sold with hefty price tag

It's true that iPhone 3G is very popular, not just in US but also in other countries as well. There's something about Apple's brainchild that make people willing to go an extra length to get it, some have time & energy to spare so they were queueing in front of Apple Stores when it's first launched.

And for those who don't have that, but instead have more money to burn; these people will pay more so they also can own it and don't have to sweat while doing it. ;-)

If you're one of the people who're unfortunate to live outside US and the iPhone 3G is not subsidized yet in your country, or perhaps you just wanted to have the free unlocked version; how much are you willing to pay for it? How's US$1,000 sound to you?

GSMArena is reporting that the unlocked version of iPhone 3G is sold at such high price in Hong Kong, and you'll be required to be able to provide a local ID and credit card. I believe this is just another Apple's idea to fight back the distribution of jailbroken iPhones, that have spread all over Asia.

While in Italy the iPhone 3G 8GB would set you back 399 euro (around 630 US dollars) but you will get the device with a pre-paid SIM and fully operational with other carriers.

For further informations on which countries that can sell unlocked iPhone 3G, see Apple's official website. So, how long are you willing to go for the shiny new iPhone 3G? I do hope you're not like that naive guy in the iPhone 3G cartoon parody pictured on the right, courtesy of The Joy of Tech. ~LOL~ (--click on it to view it larger--)

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