Monday, July 28, 2008

Samsung INNOV8 officially introduced

You might be thinking; "Another new mobile phone model comes out from Samsung..." Well, can't blame you for that since me too was thinking like that when I read the news about Samsung latest mobile phone: Innov8.

It's actually the very same Samsung's mobile phone that I previously told you about
here at PalmAddict, before it was called as Samsung i8510 Primera. The new Innov8 is exactly the same as the Primera in every way; the specs, looks and everything are no different. The only thing changed is its name, and although it's hard to be pronounced, it's a short for INNOVATE.

Now, I don't know about you guys. But everytime I see this Samsung's Innov8, especially this left picture, it reminds me of Palm's TX. For me, there's a striking resemblance between Innov8 with the TX...
I ain't gonna bore you with the same specs that I've mentioned before, so if you're interested to know what this beast has inside its belly, please see my previous

What so "beasty" about this mobile phone anyway? It's the 8MP camera embedded inside its sliding body that carries the nickname, and that's not all. Samsung has equipped the 8MP camera with additional features like:
  • Auto-focus
  • Face recognition
  • Smile & blink recognition
  • Auto panorama mode
  • Geotagging
  • Dual-powered LED
  • 30fps VGA video quality
  • 120fps QVGA video quality

I remember one of our PalmAddict readers named Soda, who has emailed Sammy and talk about how great it is if there's a face recognition technology inside mobile phones. The Innov8's face recognition tech sounds to be the right answer for that, although we must wait until the handset is released to the market and the new feature is tested; before we know if the face recognition is worth it.

It won't be long for us to wait, because according to GSMArena the Innov8 will be available in Europe next month and its rumored price is 780 Euro. Head on to GSMArena's page to see more pictures of the new Innov8, meanwhile you can enjoy the picture on the right but don't stare too long on the model girl. ;-p

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