Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ubuntu takes the spotlight at OSCON 2008

The OSCON 2008 that I've told you about is currently underway, and alive kicking at Portland, Oregon.

Amongst the Linux and other open source apps or OS, there's one peculiar Linux OS that has taken center stage of the convention held from July 21-25: it's Ubuntu.

But that is not an ordinary Ubuntu we usually find from the famous distro on the net, it's one of Canonical's special product; called Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID). What so special about this Ubuntu Linux, is because that's designed specifically for Intel Atom-based netbooks.

If you're still clueless on what is
OSCON 2008, Canonical's MID, or netbooks; then I suggest you read my previous posts by clicking at the respective links there.

Canonical has made its promise to keep the Ubuntu spirits within its MID product, where there are only few packages of interface modified, streamlined to be exact so the OS's user interface is easier to navigate on the netbook's small screen. And now Canonical called it with a new name:
Ubuntu Netbook Remix. --click on the main picture to view it larger--

Robert Strohmeyer from
PC World took a spin on this Ubuntu Remix beta on an Atom-based Acer One Netbook, and this is his impression:

"Although the Netbook's Atom processor is decidedly anemic even by subnotebook standards, the OS booted quickly. Navigation in the simplified UME menus was quick, and applications such as Writer, Firefox, and Pidgin launched about as rapidly as I would expect. Though not terribly snappy, it was competent compared with other Netbook OS installations (including Windows XP)."

Canonical's representatives indicate that they're currently working with Netbook manufacturers to offer the new OS as a standard configuration option competing directly with Windows XP on netbook market. Although At press time, they declined to comment on which company they are working with, but they did say that Netbook Remix is expected to appear on retail devices by the end of 2008.

With the growing interest on netbooks, it'll be interesting to see how the consumers will react when Ubuntu Netbook Remix hit the stores at last.

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