Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cloud computing is for suckers, says John C. Dvorak

Oh boy, Mr. John C. Dvorak is at it again.

One of my most favorite bloggers, Mr. John C. Dvorak from
PCMag has written another intriguing editorial about 'cloud computing'. And even the title itself is already drawing my attention when I took a glimpse: Stormy Weather for Cloud Computing.

Now, for you netbook users and yes you too; who's planning to get one (so get one already will ya!? ;-p), you must be pretty much familiar with the term 'cloud computing'. And so reading Mr. Dvorak's article will be a mind challenging, and mentally too. :wink:

The article is not meant for the faint of heart, and you better brace yourself for a good sarcastic jokes; as you may have guessed from Mr. Dvorak's closing line that I've put in the title of this post. ;-)

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