Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Android SDK v0.9 looks amazing!

When you saw that screenshot, you'll probably scream to yourself like I did: "If that's how Android is goin to be, then I want one!" ;-)
That's one hella mobile OS, I'm tellin ya. And I ain't talkin yet about the video walkthrough of that Android SDK v0.9, see it yourself and I betcha drop yer jaw.

The left picture and the short video below are courtesy from
Engadget Mobile, but too bad the embedded video doesn't show how Android's web browser perform. Since Android's nickname is the "iPhone-killer", it would've been interesting to compare its web browser with iPhone's Safari web browser.

But fret not, cuz
Gizmodo has posted their own version of this Android SDK v0.9, and I'm tellin ya it looks smokin hot!

Head on to the respective sites to see more screenshots and video, while I'm gonna drool all over me keyboard now. ~LOL~

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