Tuesday, August 19, 2008

iTabi; Kimono clothing for your iPhone 3G

Caught this quick yet unique & interesting case from Mercury Software (via Macworld) for your precious iPhone 3G; and it's called iTabi.

Don't tell me you don't see this one coming, the Japanese are crazy too about iPhone 3G. Now, now, don't read that sentence with different punctuation; or otherwise it'll means very differently from what I really meant. ~LOL~

We can see the enthusiasm from the long lines of people, who wish to bought the iPhone 3G when it's first launched in Japan. The lines are not to be underestimate compared to the ones we see in the states (U.S).

Ohkay, let's go back to the case. Mercury Software, which I think it's strange enough for a software company to make cases, has just released a line-up of "kimono-clothing" case for iPhone 3G on last Monday. So far, I'm counting 10 of iTabi cases available right now (pictured above); each one of them will costs you $19.98 (perhaps this price will be in range for
D. Adda from Santa Monica, CA USA?). ;-p

Here's the technical specifications from Mercury Software:
  • Straps : x2 short & shoulder length (adjustable)
  • Headphone jack : access on top left or right
  • Screen protection: interior is 100% nylon padding
  • Front pouch : for headphones, lipstick, eye shadow, etc.
  • Origin : handcrafted in Kyoto, Japan
  • Weight : 0.76 ounces/21.5gr
  • Shipping : free shipping to U.S & Europe

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