Saturday, August 16, 2008

Congratulations & wishing the best on PalmAddict new design

First thing first, let's start off by the order.
I'd like to congratulate Sammy, Mike and all of the guys behind the making of PA new design layout; it is a blast! Love it!

The new design feels like a refreshing breeze of smooth wind in a hot day, and of course a sight for these sore eyes of mine. ;-)

If I have permission to comment on it, then I have only one: what took you so long? Ohkay I know; Sammy wanted to make it working right and Mike is a perfectionist artist who has done a great job by the way. Or maybe there's some kinda technical issue behind uploading the new design layout, but I'm glad everything seems to be working perfectly now.

At last, I can sleep tight tonight after long nights haunted by the screenshots image teaser sent by Sammy. ~LOL~ Thumbs up! And I wish for the best of luck for PA's new look, hope we'll be able to pass on our addiction to wider audience with it. ;-D

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