Saturday, August 16, 2008

Poor my Treo...

A disaster happened on my Treo today, as I was in a hurry to leave my cousin's house; I left it behind on the living room couch.

Not that I missed my Treo so much when I was wandering outside ;-p But more because when I got back to the house and looked it up, it wasn't at the place I remember. It was on the top of a fridge, and one of the babysitters told me that she had to put on there so the children can stop 'harassing' it and stop putting it into their mouths!

Well, you see. My sister's children are only 1,5 & 6 months years old, and the youngest one still love putting things into her mouth, everything.

With my heart was beating faster when I checked my Treo, my fear has come true; the bottom left corner of the screen is loose from its frame and make squeeky voice when touch. Plus the Newsbreak app has lost all of the RSS feeds that I've registered for, I can't imagine what have happened that caused all of that.

I love kids, cute kids, and my sister's youngest daughter is very-very adorable. So in the end I couldn't get mad at all, although I still found some saliva at the screen crack when I cleaned it up. ~LOL~

After a thorough check, I didn't find any other broken parts or software errors. By the time I finished restoring back the RSS feeds, the news have already hit up at more than 200 unread news. I don't know if I'm able to catch up tonight, but I definetely won't be missing out the Treo Pro news! ;-D

Oh, when I'm writing this blog; the cute girl is looking at my Treo again. Distracted by its bright screen and shiny buttons, she's heading right to me; running at full speed! Gotta go now, and hide it for awhile...

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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